3D Laser Scanning (3DLS) 

​​– Development of accurate 3D Point Clouds and Full Scale as-built  CAD models for offshore platforms, refineries, process plants, heritage building

– Clash check of 3D point cloud data against design models

– Development of CAD ready As-built 3D models from Laser Scanning Data

Dimension Control

– Accurate as-built of Complex Steel and Concrete Structures
– Accurate Piping Spool and Tie-point Surveys
– Eliminate/reduce Field Welds for faster shutdowns, hook-ups and replacement

Engineering / Construction

​​– Survey of infrastructure utilities, roads, railways, overland  conveyors, process plants, power transmissions lines, and oil and gas pipelines

– Optimization of existing roads
– Setting out of works
– As-built surveys

Shallow Bathymetric 

– Seabed/Marinas
– Sub-sea Pipeline and Cable Route Mapping
– Harbour and Port Development
– Oil/Gas Platforms
– Navigational Hazard Mapping
– Jetty/Mooring Depths

Our Services:


​​– Marking of land parcel boundaries to General

Survey Office Specifications and Requirements
– Pipeline and Power Line Corridors

GPS Geodetic Control

​​– Precise Control Surveys

– Project Datum and Reference Systems
– Establishment of GPS Base Stations
– Transform Data from local grid to national or project datum
– Advice on Survey Control and Mapping Req forthe                    various stages of project   development


​​​– Contour Surveys
– Earthworks Volume Computation
– 3D Digital Terrain Modelling
– Infrastructure Mapping
– Underground Services Detection